6 Benefits of An ADU Home

March 7, 2022
March 7, 2022 ourclients

6 Benefits of An ADU Home

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Tiny, adorable cottages installed on trailers may be a fashionable option for those in need of additional space. Nothing, however, compares to the tiny house you can construct on your legal property. ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, are permanent houses constructed on your land that include sewer, electricity, and water hookups.

An ADU is a detached or attached structure that adds space to the primary residence. It is also known as a backyard cottage or guest house. And, while constructing an ADU is an excellent investment, the majority of homeowners opt to expand their homes.


Therefore, if you are on the fence about adding this structure to your home, the following are some pros to consider:


Additional rental revenue

Accessory housing units might be extremely beneficial if you’re in need of short- or even long-term rental income. If you live in a desirable neighborhood, you might try renting out your extra housing unit to earn some money. Alternatively, you can live in your ADU while renting out your primary residence to short- or even long-term tenants.


Increased independence

A detached additional living unit will provide you with more freedom than an attached one. Service providers, as well as renters, can feel as if they have their own space, separate from other houses. Additionally, an extra dwelling unit enables you to provide significantly more independence to your older family members than they would have in a retirement home or assisted living complex.


Conservation of land

Because an ADU is smaller than a regular single-family home, it consumes fewer resources and has a minor impact on the environment. You will consume less energy cooling and heating it, and you will not require additional land.


They add value to your property.

While ADUs may be an excellent investment for you, did you know they can significantly boost the value of your property? New buyers are constantly on the lookout for something unique and worthwhile. As a result, an ADU will be seen positively. The purchasers may wish to utilize it as a home office, a guest house for visiting family and friends, or, even better, as a secondary residential unit.


A place for your younger adults to call home

Young adults are increasingly living at home with their parents. If this is the case, an ADU may be a viable alternative. This provides them with additional flexibility and independence. Additionally, you can cohabitate with them in the same property without sharing a bathroom or kitchen. Therefore, if your child is not yet ready to move out, consider expanding the footprint of your home by building an ADU.


The ultimate location for a gym or a home office

If you reside in a city and work remotely, an ADU is an excellent choice for a home office. Additionally, whether you want to teach yoga, exercise, meditate, or host guests, this place will be ideal. Therefore, consider adding an ADU to your house to avoid the daily commute and the noise of the city.



ADUs are so much more than a little place in your backyard. They are a fashionable option for adding additional room to your home. Additionally, they can add value to your house, generate passive income through rent, allow independence for your grown children, and serve as an exercise room or home office.

So, if you’re looking for a Portland ADU Builder, contact Stone Creek building to learn about what our process is and what we can do to help assist you in your dream ADU.


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