I worked with Mark on a project that began as the housing market slowed, which involved not only several challenges with development but also navigating a cumbersome and disconcerting land division process in a rapidly fluctuating market. I say I worked “with” Mark, even though I technically hired him, because Mark was more like a partner with a personal interest in reaching successful completion, beyond just a paycheck. He was always available to answer my questions or point me in the right direction even for things outside his scope.

I attribute my project’s success to the professionalism and dedication he displayed and maintained throughout the entire process, because the challenges thrown at this project would have eaten a lesser man. What you get with Mark is not just knowledge and experience, you can find that many places; it’s his personal commitment to his clients, professional response to challenges, and high self-standards that will make you glad you met Mark, and even more glad you chose to “partner” with him.
~Michael Basl | Prinicpal | Cook St., LLC

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