Stonecreek Building & Development Inc. built our new custom home on our 30-acre farm property, and beautifully managed the unique features that come with a rural house. Mark and Shaun were collaborative in their work style and presented choices that showed they understood our personal taste and desire for value—meaning sometimes we were willing to increase the budget for a longer-lasting material or strategy.

Building a home is complicated; it takes perseverance and patience, and it can be stressful. With Stone Creek, we were confident the product would be excellent and the steps along the way would be worked out together in productive, friendly ways. We shared more than a few laughs, which was a happy surprise to us (having built two previous homes). The subcontractors that Mark selected for our project were also a pleasure, people we came to highly respect and enjoy. We found them to be skilled and creative, and they brought wonderful customer service attitudes to the job.

Additionally, Mark presented the opportunity to become Earth Advantage approved and we were impressed with that process. It actually helped to identify some key insulation and airflow issues, and the solutions now keep our energy bills in check and keep us comfortable in all kinds of weather. We are so grateful to know the special people of Stonecreek and grateful for the beautiful, forever home they built with such care for us.  ~Craig & Cheri Collins


Stone Creek Building is a locally owned, trusted, and licensed general contractor specializing in custom home construction services and superior craftsmanship. Our team collectively has over 100 years of construction related experience.