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Three tips for remodeling in 2022

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic and during a highly competitive home-buying market, 2021 was one of the busiest years for remodelers. In 2022, homeowners will continue to seek the assistance of professional remodelers to assist them in modernizing their current homes.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) evaluated remodelers near the end of 2021 and discovered that demand for projects of all sizes remained even greater than it was in 2020. A significant factor for this is the historic increase in housing values.

“Increasing home equity enables homeowners to upgrade their existing houses, resulting in a surge in remodeling demand,” says Steve Cunningham, CAPS, CGP, a remodeler in Williamsburg, Va. “And, with endless advancements in building products and design approaches, it’s an exciting time for homeowners looking to enhance their house.”

As 2022 continues to be a busy year for remodelers in the local area, here are three guidelines to consider if you are considering upgrading your home now:

Maximize Your Space

Our lifestyles have changed, and with them, our reliance on the house as a location of employment and education. After a few years of social isolation and rearranged work schedules, the majority of homeowners in need of a home office have already established one. The following stage is to make it adaptable.

“Home office space has resurfaced as a critical component, but it has been reinterpreted somewhat,” says Ed Binkley, director of design at BSB Design in Orlando. “Now, it’s more about building a place that is adaptable to the individual demands of different people, whether they require a home office, a gym, or additional entertaining space.”

Future-Proof Design

Colors and decor trends come and go. However, energy efficiency will never go out of vogue. “The vast majority of prospective buyers surveyed each year consistently place energy-efficient features throughout the home as a top or near-top priority,” says Rose Quint, NAHB’s assistant vice president for survey research.

Homeowners that adopt green aspects will profit in the long run from lower energy costs, increased resale value, and increased living comfort. Apart from energy-efficient appliances, elements such as low-E windows, energy-efficient roof shingles and tiles, and spray-foam insulation often go unseen but have a substantial influence include. Additionally, smart-home gadgets can result in significant energy savings. Lighting solutions that can be managed remotely or by voice commands, programmable thermostats, and automated whole-home security systems are all common integrations in today’s smart homes.

Maintain Adaptability

Builders and remodelers anticipate supply-chain disruptions in 2022-2023. The difficulties vary according on the scale of your project and the materials required. It is critical for all parties to establish clear expectations for project milestones and to maintain a level of flexibility in the event of delays.

Experts advise homeowners to have a contingency plan in place in the event of remodeling project delays. Perhaps the new kitchen appliances will be delayed, and you will require alternate methods of cooking and storing food. Alternatively, bathroom finishes may take longer than anticipated to arrive, necessitating the continued use of a secondary bathroom. While project disruptions are irritating, having contingency measures in place makes them more bearable.

To learn more about remodeling projects and to talk with a local experienced remodeler, contact Stone Creek Building to determine whether we can assist you with your remodeling job.

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