Never Too Late To Go Green

November 29, 2022
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November 29, 2022 ourclients

Never Too Late To Go Green

Go Green With Stone Creek Building

Green Custom Homes

The preservation of an environment that supports the lifestyles you and future generations want to enjoy is essential. A world filled with the resources we require, including clean energy, water, biodiversity, and air, is what we are working towards.

Helping to lessen, if not reverse, the effects of climate change is a part of environmental protection and creating sustainable housing.

What Are Some Current Enviromental Problems?

Our environmental issues, such as pollution, climate change, and biodiversity loss, are present-day issues that cannot be ignored.

Furthermore, past predictions about when many of these issues would have serious repercussions turned out inaccurate. They failed to account for how quickly the damage was being done.

Below are just a few Enviromental disasters we are dealing with:

  • The eastern half of the nation is seeing hotter summers, winters with more significant snowfall, and more storms and hurricanes that are more frequent, larger, and more powerful.
  • More and worse storms and floods are occurring both in the US and worldwide. Floods and storms with 500-year and 1000-year recurrence are becoming common.
  • The western part of our country and other regions of the world is currently going through some of the worst droughts in decades. More and more places are experiencing acute water shortages that call for limitations on water use.
  • During the summer, spring, and fall, temperatures that shatter records and are occasionally fatally high occur more frequently and for extended periods.
  • The number and size of wildfires are increasing in several US regions. House and wildlife destruction due to fires. Fires that increase insurance prices and the cost to the general population to put out the fires.

Green Homes are Environmentally Responsible

Stone Creek homes are more environmentally friendly and sustainable in design, construction, energy use, materials, and systems. Just some of the ways green homes improve the environment are listed below:

  • Aids in reducing and ultimately eliminating the usage of non-renewable (fossil fuel) and energy sources that harm the environment.
  • Uses a variety of clean, renewable energy sources.
  • Lessens “carbon footprint” to assist in reducing global warming
  • Decreases water and air pollutants
  • Keeps clean water resources available
  • Lessens the consumption of slow-growing and vulnerable natural resources
  • Conserves biodiversity (plant and animal
  • Produces less waste
  • Assist in reducing environmental toxicity
  • Utilize more regional building materials to lessen the impact of unneeded transportation on the environment and the consumption of carbon-based fuels.

Allowing for cost reduction and technology advancement:

As more homes are constructed with green building approaches, materials, systems, and technology, the price of these building goods decreases due to rising demand and economies of scale. Additionally, the growing use of these products promotes the creation of new and enhanced technology. Additionally, this raises performance while lowering costs.

Solar panels are now substantially more efficient in converting sunlight into electrical power as a result of advancing technology. For instance: Over the past few years, the cost of manufacturing and installing solar photovoltaic panels has decreased by roughly 90%. As a result, fewer solar panels are required for a particular residence, which decreases the installation price and drives down the energy price.

Solar energy technology today offers electrical power at a price per kilowatt that is competitive with or even superior to that of fossil fuels. Solar power is expanding rapidly, especially in gloomy regions like northern Europe. This is because solar panel efficiency is now so high. The hidden costs of fossil fuels, such as pollution, health issues, environmental harm, climate change, etc., are not even taken into account.

Technology for home storage batteries has also advanced significantly. Costs are decreasing as more people utilize batteries to the point where they are sometimes economically viable. The extra clean energy your solar panels produce during the day can be stored and utilized at night or on overcast days. Whole-house battery storage might soon see widespread adoption.

Setting a Higher Bar and Generating Demand

Homes not built sustainably and efficiently are beginning to lose appeal among homeowners and potential buyers. This is due to the greater operating costs associated with these non-green, inefficient homes.

Just look at how outdated gas guzzlers have been becoming less and less relevant since energy-efficient gas, diesel, hybrid, and now all-electric automobiles and trucks. These energy-efficient cars now perform as well as or better than the classic muscle cars at a reasonable price.

The demand for and selling prices of homes that exceed conventional criteria for comfort, durability, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility will rise as more homes are constructed in accordance with green construction standards.


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