Traditional Custom Homes vs. Environmentally Friendly Custom Homes

January 10, 2022
January 10, 2022 Daisy B

Traditional Custom Homes vs. Environmentally Friendly Custom Homes

Benefits of Going Green

Since its LEED in 2008, the United States Green Building Council’s LEED for Homes program has certified 10,000 homes. What was once considered a specialty is now considered mainstream.

Many builders are increasingly addressing their customers’ expectations for energy efficiency and water efficiency while also providing a better environment and financial rewards by developing more sustainable custom homes.

Many homebuyers are curious about the differences between an ecologically sustainable (green) home and a conventional (traditional) home, as well as the advantages of both. Green home builders like Stone Creek Building uses a variety of techniques to create environmentally sustainable homes, all of which result in high-quality homes that are just as durable and even more comfortable than traditional homes.

More environmentally sustainable building materials, practices, and processes are being incorporated

Building a new home necessitates a large number of supplies. Companies like Stone Creek Building who make extensive use of environmentally friendly materials to reduce their environmental impact. Reputable sustainable builders also strive to reduce the quantity of garbage produced during building. They usually concentrate on recycling as much material as possible, for example.

Increasing Insulation

In the summer, you lose warm air, and in the winter, you lose chilly air, increasing your fuel use – and your energy expenses. Traditional wall and roof insulation, as well as more novel approaches like triple-pane windows and an insulated foundation, are used in sustainable building practices to insulate a home. Which results in a home that is much more pleasant throughout the year.

Using Alternative Energy as a Substitute

Most energy in the United States comes from carbon-emitting fossil fuels, therefore a sustainable home will ideally rely on the traditional energy system as little as feasible. Many eco-friendly homes employ solar panels to generate electricity or geothermal pumps for heating and cooling. Some of these technologies, such as solar panels, allow you to create more energy than you use, in addition to allowing you to generate your own power.

Alternatives to the Standard

If your municipality allows it, you might install a greywater system in your house to reuse some of your water if you’re concerned about water conservation. Replacing your grass with a low-water garden could be beneficial as well.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t have to be difficult to find ways to incorporate more green into your life. You’ll save money on energy bills and make Environmentally friendly homes are created through sustainable construction and design principles, and as more people adopt green building best practices, we can actually build a greener planet!

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